Axiome Concept® offers a "software" solution for creating a centralized management workstation that meets the needs of infrastructure managers and operators. This solution is dedicated to technical control and monitoring. The solution can be local or remote, and adapted to any volume and the type of information processed.

Axiome Concept® solutions offer the ability to control one or more sites remotely in real time, no matter how far away they are. This function gives the user greater flexibility in using our software, and enables improved, easier management.

The latest solutions
Axiome Concept®, through constant monitoring, incorporates and adapts the latest innovations on the market in order to constantly be on the cutting edge of technology and thus meet its clients' needs as closely as possible.

Simple, fast information processing
Our solutions bring together information so that processing it is a breeze.

Site safety
Axiome Concept® solutions enable the user to track and control a site in real time and to apply a set of integrated Axi-PMS® procedures tailored to the activity there.

Improving resources and working conditions
Enhancing workstations by improving tools and redistributing tasks.

Maintenance optimization
An interactive solution incorporated into the supervisor enables the tracking and scheduling of maintenance jobs.

Remote site monitoring, system that can manage a very large number of sites.

Disparity of equipment at the various sites, means of communication restricted to certain areas.

High costs of replacing existing systems, hard to do remote monitoring.

Lack of security at remotely monitored sites, lack of flexibility and speed in servicing.

Setting up a centralized management platform and communication modules that make the existing equipment compatible.

Optimizing the security of the sites, optimizing and simplifying servicing tasks, better traceability for servicing, remote management of many sites no matter where they're located.

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