Incident geolocalisation application, tracking & reporting

Axi-Watch® is a mobile application that identify, geolocate and manage on site incident or event.

This application allows someone on site to report an incident or other event in real time by using a smartphone or tablet.
Axi-Watch® gives you the possibility to attach picture or video, geolocate it then enter a comment before sending it via a web server.

This information is sent in real time to the supervision system, which acknowledge receipt and send it to the relevant department for action. The department can then update, comment and acquit the incident/event’s status.



Outside, the geolocation can be done through GPS signal.

We can also use a geolocation via Bluetooth or QR code tags, positionned inside the building.
Bluetooth signal distance is confgurable according to site specifcation.
This Bluetooth positioning system ensures the geolocation of an event when GPS signal is unavailable

Incident management and tracking

  • Managing access rights per user
  • Notifcation on the mobile and by mail to the service concerned
  • Incident status : new / in progress / treated
  • Comment at each step of treatment
  • Tracking of information during the whole process
    (user, service, photo, etc.)
  • Timestamp
  • Back-up
  • Statistics and reports

Example application


During his rounds, an employee detects an incident like a light bulb that needs changing, an oil slick, or a missing extinguisher.


The employee takes a picture, adds a comment, and then sends the notification to the supervising PC.


The incident is geotagged and appears in real time at the supervisor workstation. The operator at the workstation processes the information and sends it to the relevant department for action.


The right person for the job then visits the site to handle the incident.


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