Video event and audio communication recording system

Axi-Recorder® is a software program that enables event-based audio and video recordings, and information collection from Axi-Orion® or Axi-View®.

Features :

  • Record event-based multimedia audio and video information in a single file
  • Automatic event-triggered or manual recording
  • Automatic deletion of media to comply with the law
  • Ability to interface with many models of equipment
  • All events are timestamped and saved in a calendar
  • These search filters can be used to easily sort and access the file you want
  • Search for indexed files based on multiple filters like:
    • - Site identification
    • - Type of trigger (AL, DF, TS, Man)
    • - Type of sensor and/or equipment linked
axi-recorder axi-recorder


The Axi-Recorder® server is installed on-site via a network connection.

Many sites can be connected together to a master program in order to centralize and make use of the information.


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