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and centralization solution

Created in 2001, Axiome Concept® designs, develops, and sells computing solutions dedicated to the centralized technical management of infrastructure. Our solutions can be used to manage all of a site's technical and security equipment from a single supervisor program.

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Remote management of centralized sites

Axiome Connect® is at your disposal to help you design your custom remote management to meet your needs. Our control centre offers you immediate assistance 24/7, an active back-up, and powerful tech support. Our team of remote operators trained in customer relations answers your clients' requests in real time, efficiently and immediately, to give them full satisfaction.

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Serving you is our speciality

In every step of your project, Provideal® is listening and ready to guide you. We offer safety, security, energy-saving, and access control products that fit perfectly into your environment. Our innovative solutions offer easy use and better management of your sites.

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