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Remote management of centralized sites

The offer allowing a client to TV manage its website introduce the problematic of the creation of one or severals monitoring centers. Our clients are interested by the technical solution but don't dare to start the establishment of a monitoring center, which represents an important investment. Axiome Connect' was created to propose service solutions. The idea is to offer a concept immediatly.

  • Backup
  • Remote Monitoring
  • A.S.S.
  • Training
  • Bridge

The Axiome Connect's offer integrates

The providing of a field device

A control center suitable for remote monitoring

An access to a web interface

A provision of statistical data

A maintenance service associated with the device GT

An agreement with a specialized company


Full description Axiome connect

We offer a flexible offer to cover all the time slots to provide the final customer a high operational flexibility

Service Hours
8h Monday to Friday 8h
12H Monday to Friday 12
24h Monday to Friday 24h
12H Weekend nights 12H
12H Weekend days 12H

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