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Created in 2001, Axiome Concept, a French company designs, develops, and sells computing solutions dedicated to the centralized technical management of infrastructure.

The solutions developed by Axiome Concept can be used to manage all of a site's technical and security equipment from a single supervisor program.

The company has a presence in many sectors, like parking, airports, seaports, and all other kinds of buildings that require equipment centralization and technical management.

For over 15 years, Axiome Concept's expertise and knowledge have helped strengthen its presence in France, with over 1000 sites served. Axiome Concept has also branched out internationally, with subsidiaries in Belgium, Spain, Canada, and Chile.

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Hospital de León

Centralización Hospital de León

EMPARK, empresa líder en la gestión y explotación de aparcamientos de España, ha vuelto a confiar en Axiome Concept Ibérica encargándole la centralización del Hospital de León.

Se ha elaborado un proyecto completo a nivel técnico/eléctrico que permitirá establecer una amplia gestión desde su Centro de Control.

Gracias por la confianza depositada!

AENA Airports Project

Axiome Concept Iberica has won in cooperation with EMPARK company the project of centralization and supervsion of AENA's Airports car park.

Axiome Concept Iberica has won in cooperation with EMPARK company the project of centralization and supervsion of AENA's Airports car park.

After Valladolid / Santander / La Palma / Lanzarote, installation continues with Bilbao / Pamplona / Gran Canaria / San Sebastián and Tenerife Norte
This large-scale project with Empark demonstrates our ability to deploy multiple sites simultaneously in Spain.

Lusail Qatar

Monitoring of security systems and centralization of parking facilities.

Axiome Concept carried out centralization and monitoring work for the four parking lots located in the new Lusail Marina in the Doha, Qatar urban area. These four sites are equipped with the latest hypervisor solutions developed by Axiome Concept. Each site has its own control centre in order to stand alone, and can if need be take over each of the other facilities.

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Axiome Concept - Centralized Technical Management System And Building Supervision

Axiome Concept offers a centralized technical management and one technical management of building des installations, assurant la supervision et des processus d’automatismes. Nous proposons une démarche, associant l'action technologique à l'accompagnement au quotidien. Vous bénéficierez d'un service réactif et de proximité grâce à un champ d'action géographiquement et techniquement étendu.

We guarantee the proper functioning of your equipment by ensuring monitoring sites or equipment. Axiome Concept allows you to control remotely peripheral devices, to improve the profitability of your operations, and to coordinate the management of your installations.